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Von Small, Assistant Golf Professional $60 $40
Max Kleinman, Assistant Golf Professional $60 $40


May Pro Tip from Von Small, Assistant Golf Professional

Everyone’s golf swing is different, but there are a few fundamentals that apply to everybody. The start of the backswing is equivalent to a sprinters jump out of the blocks. Starting the swing with a proper turn back increases the probability of making a more effortless and repetitive backswing and downswing. 

In general, you want to feel your club, arms and torso all turn back together. In order to achieve this, some people may have to feel more body turn and some people may have to feel more arm swing, everyone is different.

The First Move in the Backswing

The two pictures below demonstrate the club, arms and torso turning back together on the initial takeaway
(your jump out of the blocks).

Out of Position Starts to the Backswing

Failure to turn your arms and body together can produce swing path mistakes demonstrated in the images above.
These mistakes can cause a need for compensation in the downswing.
Remember, you want your swing to be simple and efficient.

Remember to keep your swing athletic. Key on the feel.
You don’t have to be a good athlete to be a good golfer, but you do have to be athletic!

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